Thursday, September 21, 2006

Filming On Victoria Road!

The Penarth Times today reports that filming has been under way on the SJA Special on Victoria Road, in Cardiff:


"A spin-off series from Doctor Who written by Russell T Davies for CBBC called The Sarah Jane Adventures was being filmed in Penarth this week.

Production crews were week busy filming the series, which begins with a 60-minute special to be broadcast in early 2007, on Victoria Road.

The new show stars one of The Doctor's most famous companions, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

Russell T Davies said: "Children's TV has a fine history of fantasy thrillers - I loved them as a kid, and they were the very first things I ever wrote, so it's brilliant to return to such a vivid and imaginative area of television."

Set in present-day West London, the programme stars original Sarah Jane actress Elisabeth Sladen and Yasmin Paige, who plays her 13-year-old neighbour Maria.

The two form an unlikely alliance to fight evil alien forces in Britain."

More news as we get it guys and gals!

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