Sunday, December 14, 2008

Together Again!

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Seems our Chrissie can't make up her mind. Future husband-to-be, Ivan, or gorgeous ex-beau, Alan? Easy choice for most of the Alan Jackson fangirls!

But no, dear readers, this isn't actually a snap from the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, but a piccy taken by yours truly when I attended the Joe Millson and Juliet Cowan signing in Barking yesterday!

The signing session took up about an hour-and-a-half of the three-hour event. But it was the question and answer session that was the real highlight!

When asked about how he got involved with the show, Joe replied: "I remember that it's the only job in my life that I didn't have to audition for, so [SJA] will always have a special place in my heart; because I usually have to fight for everything I get! Phil Collinson and I had worked together on a show called Peak Practice many moons ago, and I think he used to be the script photocopy boy! So it just goes to show, be nice to people on the way up, because one day he phoned and asked me if I wanted to do this pilot episode for a thing. I didn't really know anything about it until I got the script. But two years on, I can honestly say it's the best job of my life!"

Aww! Good answer, Joe! When asked what he thought of Yasmin Paige, he said: "We had a laugh. We don't get to socialise much with the child actors. We get tea breaks with them sometimes, a chance to muck around, but the minute they have an hour spare in the day they get whisked off for all their GCSE private coaching. And they don't go out on the lash in the hotel bar much [audience laugh]. But yeah, she's really nice. Her mum's always around and her brother, Tariq, was in a Doctor Who episode!" Ooh, must look into that!

And when the leading lady herself was brought up?

Joe: Oh, Lis? GORGEOUS!
Juliet: Yeah, really lovely.
Joe: [Juliet] used to call her all the wrong names! Smithy-Sue...
Juliet: Billy Ray! Yeah, that was fun.
Joe: A lot of them were yours, weren't they?
Juliet: You helped me! *Joe denies* You DID Joe, you helped lots! Don't lie!

The remainder of the interview was filled with similar nuggets of trivia, such as Chrissie's leopard print jacket being Juliet's own jacket in real life! We also learnt that Joe Millson and David Tennant have apparantly been good mates for near on 12 years, and they've even seen eachother play Hamlet!

With regard to their future projects, Juliet's going to be appearing in the next series of Skins as the mother of an autistic boy as well as Shameless, whilst Joe has a part in a future episode of Midsomer Murders and Ashes to Ashes!

Following the Q&A, the event organisers had a raffle to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, and Joe and Juliet chose the winner! The prize? A TARDIS canvas signed by dozens of Doctor Who stars!

After the raffle, we had the chance for a quick photo!

Here be ladyvivien [the admin over at Girl Reporter] and cosmic_llin [webmistress of The Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society] dressed up as Chrissie for the event. They even made badges!

Juliet was uber ecstatic to have such devoted fans, and Joe even made the girls stand up in the middle of the Q&A session so the audience could see how awesome they looked! The girls, a friend and I had great fun hanging out together, and even managed to score front-row seats to the Q&A!

And an obligatory dorky pic of me with the duo just before heading off! This was apparantly Joe and Juliet's first signing. Sincerely hope it isn't their last!

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