Friday, December 12, 2008

Daytime Rotation

Wondering if series 2 will cross over the pond? Has your kid brother (or sister) run a big magnent over your vhs recordings of series 1? Did lightning strike and totally blow out your dvd-r(or Tivo), destroying your saved SJA? Haven't had time to pick up the series 1 dvd set? Stuck at home, feeling glum?

...still need your SJA fix?

Never fear! The first season of the Sarah Jane Adventures has found it's way into the SciFi Channel's daytime rotation!

Tuesday, December 16th, starting at 9:30am (EST), SciFi will air a marathon of the entire first series, starting with Invasion of the Bane and ending with the Lost Boy. Normally SciFi's daytime rotation is like a mini marathon-however, since the episodes are only a half hour long, the entire first series will fit in one day. :)

Now that series 2 has finished in the U.K., here's hoping it will find it's way to U.S. screens soon!
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