Friday, October 30, 2009

A Marriage of Sorts

It was at August's See Me on CBBC roadshow that Edward Russell, the Brand Manager of everything Doctor Who, spilled the beans on a forthcoming event in Liverpool. More than a little intrigued, Nabu San - fellow writer and the ultimate SJA fan - went digging for more information... and found it from the most unlikeliest of sources!
Nabu: I believe there's an event coming up on the twenty-fourth of October? I don't know if you're going to be attending that at all?
Lis: Ah, I sadly can't do that 'cause I'm not in the country. Liverpool, isn't it?
Nabu: That's the one! Wonder why they chose Liverpool, though? Seems such an obscure location to have something like this, though it is your hometown...
Lis: I truly don't know the answer to that, but I think it's nice to see something being given back to an area that hasn't had something like this before.
It turned out to be an exclusive VIP screening of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, to which Nabu was invited. Lucky bastard. He got to bring a plus-one for it, though - me! Lucky bastard, also. I've met Nabu twice before - and then came Liverpool! Third time's a charm, and all.


Nabu was *supposed* to write up a report on the day... yeah, sorry to disapoint, but that ain't happening any time soon! Think his creative juices aren't flowing at the mo'. Besides, he's too busy counting the votes for the contest, and arranging this year's Sonic Lipstick Awards [said too much already...!]

Of course, the two of us get on famously. We spent most of last Saturday together, finding time to meet the Judoon, mess around with green screen technology, watch the first part of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and, as you can see from the above picture, meet K9. Wowzers!

However the best part of the day was meeting Daniel Anthony and Tommy Knight, who were kind enough to sign a little something... not for me, but to the website as a whole. T'is a mark of respect for online fandom, of which Daniel (when quizzed on the matter) has the following opinion:

"Oh, they're very important to us! They're fantastic. They mean the world, yeah!"

Here it is then - just to show off (!) I present:

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as SJA is aimed at kids and this website is obviously aimed at all ages, do you think it's right to swear in your articles?