Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stop the Wedding!

Phew. I'm dry at last. Just got back from my trip to Liverpool, and it's raining hard here in Manchester. To say I got drenched because of it would be an understatement! But no worries, because the day trip was worth it - I got to see an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures up on the big screen!

You're probably going to want to know all about the episode I saw, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - Part One (ultimately they only showed the one part... meaning I have to wait almost a week to find out how it ends - just like old times!) but the thing is, I don't want to spoil it for you all at home. Needless to say it's oh-so-very funny, and more than a little emotional, too. Sarah Jane has found her man at last... and he's probably a rotter. No fair!

Don't get yourself too worked up about David Tennant's guest appearence on Thursday - he only appeared in one scene, and that makes up no more than about, ooh, ten seconds. The majority of the Doctor's screentime comes in Part Two (which looks great, if the next time trailer is anything to go by).

After the screening Daniel Anthony, Anjli Mohindra and Tommy Knight appeared to answer a selection of audience questions. Things we learnt through it? Tom and Anjli like the colour purple (Dan is more of a blue guy...). Tom dreams of one day training to be a doctor. Anjli was terrified of forthcoming villain Erasmus Darkening. Oh, and Dan revealled exactly where he lives...

I managed to get a photograph taken with fellow writer Nabu San (who'll post his own reaction to the day in due time) next to an icon of the series... K9!! Later, Dan and Tom very kindly signed the photo - "To SARAH-JANE.TV - loads of love Tommy and Dan" As soon as I can get my scanner working, I'll upload a snap of it onto the site.

In the meantime, can I thank BBC Events for organising the day, and for all of the staff who were so friendly and welcoming throughout the day. Also, a big hello to the new faces I met - fellow SJA fans who I was introduced to. I had a brilliant time talking and joking with you across the day. Hopefully we'll have another chance to meet up again very soon...

Remember!! You can catch The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith this coming Thursday and Friday on BBC One/BBC HD from 4:35pm. Don't miss it!!
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