Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long Enough To Lick A Stamp

Originally posted by Nabu San:

"Mark of the Berserker" (Part Two) aired on BBC One this afternoon, with the first part of "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" making its debut on the CBBC Channel! There seems to be a general consensus amongst SJA fans that Berserker had some of the best writing and performances in the series thus far! But if you didn't catch Temptation tonight, then you ain't seen nothin' yet! The jaw-droppingly awesome episode is up on iPlayer for the next seven days.

In other news, guess where I was on Saturday? =P

Yes, dear readers, the SJA signing at Borders, Oxford Street in London! This was where Elisabeth Sladen, Tommy Knight and Daniel Anthony were appearing to sign and promote the release of some shiney new SJA merchandise - including two audiobooks, four novelisations and a DVD boxset!

T'was a pilgrimage taken by several key members of The Sarah Jane Adventures fan community, including the widely-known cosmic_llin [webmistress of The Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society] and the enigmatic ladyvivien [the big cheese over at Girl Reporter]. With me in tow representing, we made a truly formidable trio of SJA fanatics(!)

The event started off with Lis reading a chapter from the Day of the Clown novelisation for an audience of 50 competition winners, myself included!

After the reading, Tom and Dan joined Lis at her table and spent the next three hours signing items for no less than a hundred-and-eighty people! I thought it most unfair that they should be the only people signing that day, so I decided to whip around and gather a few signatures of my own!

I got the fans to sign three of these, one for each cast member, and presented the cards to the stars when it was my turn to get some autographs!

[Many thanks to NAPM from Doctor Who Forum for the last two pictures!]

Daniel Anthony [Clyde] appreciated his card so much - he stood up, leant over the table and gave me the most amazing hug! ^_^ *swoon*

At the end of the event, I walked away with these:

As well as a whole hoard of rare [not to mention free] SJA goodies! The Borders staff were a credit to the store in keeping everything so incredibly well-organised, and treating the fans to nibbles and constant queue updates. But the main highlight for me was meeting fellow SJA fans, both old and young, and debating the finer points of Maria vs. Rani with eight-year-olds, lol! It was SO great to see the fandom in the flesh, buzzing with anticipation and nerves at the thought of meeting their heroes. And of course, it was absolutely WONDERFUL meeting the cast again - who were smiling and laughing with fans long after their signing hands had succumbed to early signs of arthritis!

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