Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Finally Happening!!

Readers with long memories will be aware that when this very site launched two years ago its remit stretched further than just The Sarah Jane Adventures. Back in those days we covered any up and coming (or so we thought...) semi-spin-off from the Doctor Who universe, K9 Adventures - the further adventures of everybody's favourite metal mutt, and a show that was supposedly was hitting digital kids channel Jetix 'soon'.

Then it all went quiet, and I'll admit, I gave up on the idea.

But now, it would seem, things are back on track! The production team have launched an official website for the show (now just titled K9?) which includes cast and crew credits, production photographs (taken as late as this week, showing the building of the sets - Griffiths Lab, apparently) and a guest book where you can sign up to receive udpates on the show.

Could it finally be then after so long waiting, the producers have got their funding together and are finally ready to make the show - a show that was originally supposed to run on Jetix way back in Winter 2006, then Summer 2007, then... then...?

Who knows. This series has had a slippier production than most... hell, the sequel to Wizard of Oz got here faster than this...

Keep it peeled for more news on K9 (the series)!!
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