Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alistair, Darling

Hahaha, how that blog title of mine made me laugh when I thought of it months ago, soon after the return of Nicholas Courtney to the Whoniverse (in the SJA story "Enemy of the Bane") was first announced. Now that Britain - and the rest of the world too - finds itself in the midst of recession, it's quite ironic that I'm naming a blog post about a silly CBBC afternoon drama series after the one man in charge of our money... the one man who's not doing that great a job right now...

Who's with me?!

Anyhoo, matter at hand. Issue 402 of Doctor Who Magazine previews Courtney's SJA appearence, where he'll pick up his iconic role of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart for the first time on UK telly since that dreadful Dimensions in Time episode.

There's an interview with the man himself, who admits to being a fan of the Chris Eccleston and David Tennant era of the show, in particular the episode "School Reunion" which he thought was a 'great story'. Looks like he picked the right spin-off series to guest on then, hmph?

It's heartwarming to hear just how fond of one another Courtney and series star Elisabeth Sladen are of one another, 35 years on from their first appearence together. Apparently they talk 'all the time' - although Lis failed to inform her friend of her return appearence alongside Tennant's Tenth Doctor back in 2006. No wonder Courtney loves the "Schoo, Reunion" episode so much - the surprise of seeing Sladen on his screen again, eternally youthful, 35 years on probably blew his mind!

There's also mini interviews with fellow "Enemy of the Bane" actors Anthony O'Donnell (who returns in his role as Sontaran Commander Kaagh) and Samantha Bond, back as the sinister Mrs. Wormwood. Both stars seem to be thrilled to be part of the series, and so they should be!

Also, as part of the magazine's regular archive feature, the publication investigates the Fact of Fiction behind 1989's "Battlefield" - so far the last regular episode of Doctor Who to feature either Courtney or the Brigadier.

Other features in the new month's read include the concluding part of "ThinkTwice" - the latest comic strip adventure, news on Elisabeth Sladen's Borders signing event, and a review of the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures on DVD.

We'll be posting extracts from Nicholas Courtney's interview online over the coming weeks, but it's all thanks to those lovely people at Panini and Doctor Who Magazine really. Reward their hard work by picking up issue 402 today, from all good newsagents, pricing in at an inflation busting £3.99!!


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