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The online Doctor Who fan community is a fairly big place so it's easy to get lost amid it all, which is why - for your very convenience - we've created this handy webguide to help make your internet coordination as easy peasy as lemon squeasy.
Links are arranged by relevence, how frequently we visit the sites, and if the sites in question support us. There's also a section of reader's sites, which if you want to contribute to you're more than welcome. It's a unique opportunity to share your SJA fan sites with a global audience. Just leave a link to your website in the comments section below and during the next update we'll bounce it on up here to the webguide.

We don't take responcibilty for the content of the below websites.
SJA Resources
Cast and Crew
Tommy Knight (Luke Smith)
Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer)
Joseph Millson (Alan Jackson)
Sam Watts (Composer)

Readers' Sites
Bad Wolf PR
Leave your comments below
Leave your comments below

A Life of Cliché (jackharkness' blog)
QueenieBoy (peter-pan's blog)
Wandering Through E-Space (Romana1's blog)

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Darrin Levy said...

Just to let you know there is one websites link i have not seen on this site which covers all 3 programmes Doctor Who Sarah Jane adventures and Torchwoood. this website is Outpost Gallifrey (

Arc of Infinity said...

I have a Youtube-style site exclusively for SJA fans to upload fanvideos or comment on them You can find it at:

Could you add it the lsit please?

Lord Xeon said...
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