Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who's A Fool?!?

Something caught my attention on the Girl Reporter site earlier today; an article written by a certain Sarah Jane Smith, who talks about a mysterious stranger known only as "the Doctor". The date written, April 1st, should be an indication of what sort of article this ultimately provers to be. April Fools indeed...
In other news, the forthcoming DVD of "Robot" (featuring a commentary by Elisabeth Sladen) has been postponed a week and will now be released on the 4th June 2007. There's a growing trend amongst 2Entertain DVD to have their releases delayed - lets just hope that the rest of 2007's Doctor Who releases aren't effected (but then again, what's one measely to a Time Lord?)
Elsewhere, play.com is having a handy spring clearout sale - and have put all of Big Finish's "Sarah Jane Smith" audio CDs on sale for the bargain price of £7.99 each. If you've never heard the series, you really are missing out on a treat - so what are you waiting for??? Get buying now!
This past Saturday saw a repeat of "Invasion of the Bane" - although no viewing figures are currently available for the broadcast. I hear it was over shadowed by another show's big debut on BBC One that same night. Damn that "Any Dream Will Do"...
Filming on "The Sarah Jane Adventures" begins on April 16th, with pre-production work currently underway. We hope to have more updates on the new series very soon (so stick with us!) See you next time...

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Peter Pan said...

4th June? Thats exactly one week before my birthday *cough* Subtle hint to other half for present idea *cough*