Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Are Cordially Invited...

The Sarah Jane Adventures! Liverpool! Episode screening! With added David Tennant, playing the Tenth Doctor!!! And... breathe.


Yes, today's the day for us lucky folks, who are heading on down to Liverpool to attend a fancy HD screening of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - having either booked tickets online, or been invited to attend a special press showing of the episodes in question. Thanks to cohort Nabu San I've nabbed myself a seat (if you pardon the pun) in one of the press screenings - and together me and Nabu will be representing at the event.

If you see either of us around on the day (we're easy to spot... usually being the ones who stalk the SJA cast and crew) pop over and say hi! I have my camera with me, so will be taking snaps throughout the day and no doubt the best will end up here on site.

Don't worry if you haven't got tickets - the Liverpool ONE shopping centre is running a number of SJA related events throughout the day (continuing Sunday, along with the second batch of previews) that you and the kids can join in on. So, come along and have a fab SJA themed day out!

To whet everybody's appetites, here's a preview of the next two episodes as posted by DigitalSpy - be warned though, as it contains a few SPOILERS.

The site reports:

+ DT is technically in both episodes, but he doesn't appear right until the end of the first one. His opening words? "Stop this wedding now!"

+ Ahh yes, the wedding. Sarah Jane is getting married! To Nigel Havers. Erm, correction: a businessman called Peter Dalton who is played by Nigel Havers.

+ Yes, their relationship moves quickly - although there is a lot of use of things like "one week later".

+ But that aside, there's definitely something untoward going on here. Who's to blame? Why, it's Sarah Jane's old friend The Trickster!

+ When The Doctor shows up, he's quickly parted from Sarah Jane (and the TARDIS). He's got the kids to help him out, though.

+ The Doctor says two of his standard catchphrases: "Allons-y" and "I'm so sorry."

+ The Doctor is referred to as "the man of ice and fire" and is told that "the gate is waiting for you".

+ One of the kids receives a massive shock. Literally.

10. The story ends with an exchange between Sarah Jane and The Doctor that provoked tears here at DS Towers. And she has a final line that we'll all be thinking around Christmas time: "No-one's **** ***** ** ****** ***."

Here's a direct link to the DigitalSpy post - with added screengrabs from the eps included!

If you attend the day, let us know how you found the experience and/or episodes!

See you there tomorrow!! Well, strictly speaking... today*!

* Massive apologies! I had hoped to have this up online soon after The Mad Woman in the Attic concluded... but having to walk to work kinda got in the way...

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