Friday, October 23, 2009

Future Echoes

Overnight figures are in for the opening episode of The Mad Woman in the Attic and things are... well, pretty much consistent (no dramatic rises or falls...). The episode managed to draw 0.6 million viewers, according to Marcus at the Doctor Who News Page, which was a 5.7% of the television audience available at that time. It's a very similar figure to what last week's episodes scored.


Here are some of your opinions on yesterday's episode:

Brandon - "Not as good as i'd hoped, some good bits with Sarah and Clyde though.Why did they pick two boys who look similar to Tommy Knight? or is it just all boys have that same haircut nowadays."

Lauren - "I'm not Rani's biggest fan, but I liked it. Especially loved the banter between Sarah Jane and Clyde. Dead-pan much? LOL. I couldnt help but laugh when Eve started talking outloud though. If you've seen Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging you'll know what I'm talking about, cause it's so different to SJA it would be hard to take an actress seriously, but I think she did a good job (: Overall I liked it way more than I thought I would."

Anonymous - "I thought it was a great episode, like SJA's new approch to humor. Really reminded me of Fear Her... 9/10 from me!"

David - "I really loved the episode, it was very different to the usual and it was great to see Rani getting something big to do for a change. "

Stel - "I have to agree with Anonymous - as great as Rani is in the episode, I am still in Camp Maria, 110%. The reviewer said it - she won't ever replace Maria. But despite that, I haven't enjoyed an episode so much in a while - the banter with Clyde and Sarah Jane (I know everyone keeps saying it, but it's true) was just so brilliant, and hilarious, I can't help re-watching the episode just for that! And Eve too - she's fascinating. Can't wait for this afternoon!!"

Carnivac - "I thought it was a lot better than last weeks episode and a much more interesting plot too whereas the Judoon one felt just too run of the mill. Eve is an intriguing character and I like her design.Yeah I did find it odd that all the boys had the same sort of hairstyle. I had mine similar a few years ago too. Not an important thing but I liked the sketch of SJ also. Thought that was really well done and captured the youthfulness of Lis Sladen's features well. The way that woman looks, wears those clothes and moves like she does, it's still hard to believe she's just over 60. I'd put her more late 30s/early to mid 40s. She's lovely and yeah I still have the ol' crush on her that I did from when I was a kid watching re-runs of her 3rd and 4th Doc stories. :)"

Don't forget, you can catch the episode on BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days...


I'm hearing whispers that the third season will be made available on Blu-Ray at some point mid-2010. This means it won't be released alongside the DVD boxset in January. Confirmation of this still pending, mind.

Remember!! The Mad Woman in the Attic - Part Two airs from 4:35pm today on both BBC One and BBC HD simultaneously. Please, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions about the adventure in the comments section don't below.

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