Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Live - Week Two

The writers of present a series of 'live' reactions to the episodes we're seeing, over the weekend following transmission. Come Monday morning, you'll have a running commentary by the pair of us of what we think worked, or might not have worked, in the episodes we're watching.

This week - Mad Woman in the Attic Parts 1&2


Anthony - 16:20: Little over fifteen minutes to go until Part One begins now. Hmmm... a few weeks back I knew nothing about this story, and I liked it that way. Thought it might surprise me when I see it all unfold on screen. But then came the BBC Press Release with the synopsis, and the Den of Geek! review, and all the leaked photographs... all in all, I feel a little overexposed in it all now. Hopefully it'll still surprise me.

Anthony - 16:38: My, the woman playing the older Rani is doing a fab Anjli Mohindra impersonation. And boy... that young chap - remind you of Tommy Knight, much?

Anthony - 16:45: Hmm... I'm not sure I entirely believe the off screen antics of Rani and her mate wots-his-face. She's never mentioned him before... As for Maria's latest exploits, do we reckon they're believable? Working with Obama's government?!

Anthony - 16:53: "I knew I should have brought Luke - he moans less than you" Haha, Sarah Jane Smith does deadpan. Ooh, and funny Clyde!! The scene involving the two of them discussing Sarah's age - funniest SJA scene ever?

Anthony - 16:56: The Time War!

Anthony - 16:58: I'm struggling to believe the storyline - maybe it's because Rani looks older than she really is. Zac Efron - doubt she'd really give a toss about him. Isn't it only 12 year old girls who fantasise about that prat?! How old is Rani anyways?!

Anthony - 17:01: A decent enough episode - the emotional stuff works really well, and always has done in the SJA. The overall plot still seems a little... slight. But hopefully it'll grow with Sarah-Jane getting more involved in the proceedings...

Anthony - 17:03: Show's over, with Newsround now on. What did everybody else think of it all? Leave your comments below, and we'll add them to this post!

Nabu - 17:21: Did anyone else yell 'cheeky bastard' at their telly when Clyde was talking about how old Sarah Jane was? :D In a LOL way, mind you. Incredible episode! Can't believe they picked up on the Maria/Rani tension at last! It couldn't be all smiles between 'em!

Anthony - 17:28: Actually Nabu, it brought to mind some of the entries on the competition (people, go vote!), which revolve around Maria returning to Bannerman Road and meeting Rani face-to-face...
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