Sunday, October 25, 2009

"A Tear, Sarah Jane?"

Thanks to Marcus over at the Doctor Who News Page we now know that 0.8 million viewers tuned in to watch The Mad Woman in the Attic - Part Two, up some 200,000 people from the day before. It not only beats the third season's previous high of 0.7 million for Prisoner of the Judoon last week but means that 7% of the available television audience were watching the show as it went out on BBC One. The AI figures should appear online any day now.


As if you didn't already know... David Tennant is coming to The Sarah Jane Adventures! The brilliant Den of Geek! fansite preview the episodes, which comprise of this coming week's The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith adventure. Here's a few snippets from the site's review - which you can read in full here (part one) and here (part two) - seems we're in for an emotional rollercoaster:

- Peter Dalton, the bloke in question, is as suave as his Bond surname would suggest and is played pitch-perfect by the adorable Nigel "Nice Sermon Vicar" Havers. Not to mention he's a thoroughly good egg to boot. So thoroughly good, it would appear, that Sarah Jane agrees to be his wife pretty sharpish. (Well, at her age, why not?)

- Writer Gareth Roberts has packed so much warmth, character and, as always with the Gaz-man, humour. I won't list every gag for you but K9 steals many of the laughs; notably the line "Activating stair negotiation - hover mode." One scene in particular, the 'box' scene, has so much hilarity going on that it even manages to cover up a FDCGA (that's a "Fairly Dodgy Computer Generated Alien) with chuckles and LOLs.

- The goodbye scene between Sarah Jane and The Doctor is a poetic reply, if you like, to SJ's farewell scene in The Hand Of Fear where she asked "Don't forget me." (As a side-note, look out for the cuddly Owl she held when she first left the TARDIS now sitting in the Bannerman Road attic during part one of this story.) Sarah's answer is kitten-strokingly beautiful but also filled with pathos at the knowledge of what's to come - Lizzy S and Davey T perform remarkably and if there's a dry eye in your house then you must be a flippin' robot.

- The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith is a joyous experience where the story itself takes a back seat to the wonderful performances, hilarity and the inevitable sadness. It's packed with scenes that will make your heart fill up with wonder and cheer - witness as SJ and the gang enter the TARDIS (made me wish they popped off for another adventure). But more than that, it'll reaffirm (if it were needed) that Doctor Who and its spin-off worlds are in safe hands and as groin-grabbingly good as ever.

Meanwhile more footage from the SJA event at Liverpool One's Odeon cinema over the weekend has found its way onto Youtube.

Here's an impressive video from Neil MacDonald of, which includes an interview with Tommy Knight and Anjli Mohindra who act as fabulous ambassadors of the show. They talk about the fun of having David Tennant on set, how to escape a Dalek, how the team wants the Cybermen on the show next year and just how much they really know about Doctor Who series 5, starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

There's also footage of the cast meeting fans... and Judoon! Includes sneaky cameo appearences from a pair of writers!

Finally, here's mine and Nabu San's green screen efforts. Basically we were invited to 'star' in a 30 second SJA video, and were then given the recordings on DVD. Not knowing what to do with our 30 seconds exactly, we basically just pratted around and yes, that's me that then goes on to rugby tackle Nabu...

Remember!! You can still catch The Mad Woman in the Attic on BBC iPlayer (UK only, sorry) and The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith hits television screens from this coming Thursday, at 4:35pm on BBC One and BBC HD.

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