Monday, October 26, 2009

Championing the Kids

The BBC have pledged to spend an extra £25.5 million on children's television over the next three years - to help secure and support quality programming like The Sarah Jane Adventures. As part of the package, BBC Vision are also looking at extending CBBC's hours - from the current 5:15pm end time, until 6pm before the Evening news.


Meanwhile, Russell T Davies continues his crusade to 'save' kid's television in an interview with the Radio Times. He states:

“Children’s TV is bearing the brunt of the current economic crisis, but every area of television is suffering. Things might look bad now, but in a few years – just five or six – this will look like a golden age. The situation demands champions, and action, and radical thinking.

“I think maybe we get embarrassed by the things we once loved. We’re ashamed of considering Jackanory and Trumpton to be in any way important – and that lack of nerve will kill the modern equivalents of those shows stone dead.

“When the right programme finds the right child, it is, literally, mind-expanding. Children should have the best food, the best air, the best games, the best books – so of course they should have the best TV.”

You can read more about the decline of children's television here and here.


The Audience Appreciation index for The Mad Woman in the Attic has been released. And it's good news. Hooray! The episodes both scored 86 - which takes the series into the 'excellent' category once more. Not only that, but they were the highest scoring programming on BBC One during Thursday and Friday.

That'll be the sound of children's television in Britain standing tall, and proud.
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