Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Quiet Corner of Television

I'm an angry young man when it comes to the current state of television, because it's something I'm so passionate about but right now it's dying a death. Reality television isn't really the problem... no, the reasons why programme commissioners have crafted that particular genre into such a mainstream phenomenon are what's wrong with the state of television today.

It's all about money. Programmes are made to sell, and in return, they should be cheap to make. Drama costs a lot, yes - so they're first to go. We're left with a television schedule chock-a-block full of reality television, that's cheap, sensational (so newspapers are willing to give coverage) and above all, so easy to sell to the audience.

All that means that television drama suffers, and like I commented yesterday one of the key losses being children's drama - the keystone of children's television.

Russell T Davies shares my beliefs, and outlines them all in this quite magnificent BAFTA produced video conference
. Everybody reading this site, you enjoy watching the SJA. If you're a 12 year old boy, or 45 year old woman, whatever, you have a duty as a fan to watch the video and show your support of kid's television.

That link again
, because it's so important that people take notice and fight for the future of children's broadcasting.

(Whilst we're at it, you'd do well to catch Charlie Brooker's Newswipe on BBC Four, every Wednesday at 10:30pm - it's a pretty good look at the British television news, and how it fails us every single day)


Elsewhere, is Tom Baker due to make a return
to the show that made him famous over thirty years ago...?
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