Friday, October 30, 2009

The Doctor Is In!

David Tennant's fleeting appearence on yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures helped the show to achieve its highest ratings since the days of series one back in 2007. Yes, 1.3 million people were watching, which makes up 10.9% of the available television audience. This is around double the number that the show has been getting recently.


It helps that it was heavily promoted on television, with adverts and the cast appearing on various interviews throughout the week.

Talking of which...

I've had a bizarre morning today, watching Lis Sladen on Five's The Wright Stuff where - amongst other things - she discussed the likes of MP's expenses, pick 'n mix sweets, homophobic attacks and body swapping desires. Very strange combination there - with the mad, grinning Matthew Wright looming nearby....

I did love her comments though, especially this one:

"You have to allow people to be what they are, and encourage that"


David Tennant was quizzed on this morning's GMTV to talk about his work on Doctor Who and confirmed that The Waters of Mars, co-written by SJA writer/producer Phil Ford, would go out a day later than originally planned on Sunday 15th November.

One feels he was supposed to discuss the SJA too - but wasn't given much time nor opportunity!

Naughty GMTV folk.

Remember!! The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - Part Two airs tonight, from 4:35pm on BBC One and now, also, on the BBC HD Channel!

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