Friday, October 30, 2009

Never Forget

So there we have it, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith has concluded here in the UK. What a corker, hey! Those last few scenes were truly heartbreaking, especially knowing just how little time David Tennant's Tenth Doctor has left. He asks Sarah-Jane (and us, the viewer) "don't forget" - but how could we? You've been fantastic, and such a sport for agreeing to do these crossover episodes.


The BBCi SJA site has posted a video diary, made by Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer) on the last day of recording on this adventure - which was also some of the last footage that David Tennant shot as the Doctor.

Those lucky enough to go to last weekend's screenings in Liverpool will recognise the feature, after it was shown as part of a bigger CBBC advertising package made for the event.

Go watch it now for a chance to see both Daniel and Tommy Knight wearing the Doctor's coat, and for the heartwarming gift that Daniel received... and had signed!

You can still catch both parts of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith on iPlayer (pending any problems the service is having streaming content, which seems to have plagued the SJA on there today...) over the course of the next seven days.


Did you know that Zienia Merton (who played the Registrar in this week's episode) originally appeared in Doctor Who waaaaaay back in 1964 during the Marco Polo adventure, playing the youthful Ping-Cho, a local girl who befriended the Doctor's grandaughter Susan Foreman in the 13th Century...

Next week... Floella Benjamin!
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