Sunday, November 19, 2006

Don't Go Down That Hole...

This week the kasterborous news site reported that the Tom Baker adventure, "Planet of Evil" is set for release in 2007.


The underated classic, from 1975, features Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith. The story sees the TARDIS land on a world, under attack by strange anti-matter creatures... Can the Doctor and Sarah save the lives of the Earth exploration crew trapped on the planet? "Genesis of the Daleks" director David Maloney (recently deceased) returned to helm the adventure.

For viewers of the new David Tennant series, it's interesting to note that the story's theme; a planet of pure evil (apparently, at first sight). An influences on this series "The Satan Pit" adventure perhaps? Hell (pardon the pun) the Fourth Doctor even ventures down a hole in the ground to confront the threat!

The story's release hasn't been confirmed by either the BBC or the Restoration Team - and neither has the previously mentioned "The Time Warrior" release. We'll have to wait and see how things pan out I guess.

If the story's true, we could be looking at a Sarah-Jane packed year in 2007.

Who are we to complain?

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Romana1 said...

*heehee* You won't be hearing any complaints from me, that's for sure-especially since region 1 releases have been following the same pattern as region 2 releases!

As my friend LD says, Sarah Jane, we love you! ;)