Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bet You Didn't Know...

A few weeks ago I promised to share some cool nuggets of information I found in this month's Doctor Who Magazine. Well, after numerous delays, you can find the information below in all its uber-cool goodness...

So, for instance, did you know:

+ Elisabeth Sladen hates texting... unlike her 21-year old daughter, Sadie. "I hear you're stalking my mummy again." Sadie texts DWM, "Tsk tsk!"

+ The writers of the special are a bit relived that they don't have to write a bigger role for Sarah's robot dog. "The trouble with k9 in a contemporary setting," says Gareth Roberts, "is that you have to keep him mostly under wraps, or you'd have endless scenes of explaining who and what he is."

+ Murray Gold's theme for The Sarah Jane Adventures contains hooks from the cello and viola line in his Doctor Who theme arrangement.

+ In an early draft, Sarah fought off Mrs Wormwood's secretary with a gas capsule that made the secretary's nose turn green. "But I didn't laugh," says Russell T Davies, "I though, 'Actually, that's too silly.'"

+ Susie Liggat's dad was a close friend of Jon Pertwee's.

+ Elisabeth hasn't driven since passing her driving test. "So I had to have a few lessons before filming," she says, "and now I bomb along. Wheeee!"

+ Colin Teague is down to direct Episodes 12 and 13 of Doctor Who Season Three, which will make him the first director to oversee episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

+ Judging by her attic pinups, Sarah managed to take a camera with her to the future Earth of The Sontaran Experiment to take a snap of Harry Sullivan. We like to think she's got one of Robot K1 somewhere, too...

And there you go! Some nice little insider information into the development of the SJA special (fingers crossed, we'll have more on that soon). The magazine is full of splendid photographs too, and at just £3.99 is crying out for you to buy it!
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