Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Porsha's Down and Out

The thing about having 'sources' is that you can never name them; for when you do, they stop being 'sources' as such, and suddenly become unemployed. But of course, by never revealing a source's name, it's hard for you to believe what I'm actually saying (cos, for all you know, I'm just making it all up, citing a so-called source to back-up my claims - I've never done that).
What I'm about to reveal comes from a good number of internal sources, none of whom I can name (frankly, they'd kill me) but you'll just have to take my word this once, okay?

Right, now I've said my piece, down to business hey?

Porsha Lawrence-Mavour

Childhood star Porsha Lawrence-Mavour has been relieved from her role as "Kelsey" in the Sarah Jane Adventures - and won't be returning to film the 10 part series proper next month.

A number of sources have told me she could be awkward during filming of "Invasion of the Bane" and dis-respectful to some members of the production team and cast. I'm told that BBC Wales also felt the character (who, unlike Maria and Luke was created solely by Gareth Roberts) didn't quite fit the criteria or direction that they wanted from the forthcoming CBBC series.

Apparently they've have no choice but to relieve her from contract (if a series contract was ever signed). This is normal practice for 'pilot episodes', as the Production Team evaluates what worked within the episode, and what didn't and make amends accordingly. It's not known whether the character will be recast, or replaced entirely. Perhaps the series will focus on just four regulars? Sarah-Jane, Maria, Luke and Maria's dad?

I can't stress enough that no "official" announcement has been made regarding Porsha Lawrence-Mavour's future with the show - but with the series set to begin filming next month expect an announcement to come either way soon. wishes Porsha the best of luck in whatever the future holds for her.


Sulamite3 said...

Youngsters should learn a bit of manners.Served her right. Teaching manners SHOULD have been her parents' job however.

wamdue said...

so when will this be confirmed?

Rafiq Jennings said...

Childhood star? She hasn't acted since SJA. See

After watching that episode, I was hoping the Bane would kill that character off. Mrs Wormwood described her 100%. That character was so annoying. Of course she's awkward. Try imagining USA TV in 1970s having Dee of What Happening on Battlestar Galactica? And 'relieved'is a proper way of saying she was fired. Was she an affirmative action hire?

Maybe she can started an acting career in the USA in ghetto Black American reality TV show. And I'm not surprised she was disrespectful - her parents give her an American ghetto name. Porsha screams "ignorance poor person all mouth & about the bling.

Anonymous said...

With a name like Rafiq you should hardly be talking. Do you know how many black boys in Booklyn have Arabic sounding names? If your last name isn't arabic and you're running around with a name like Tariq, Shahir and the like you are as ghetto as they come.

Now I agree that if the little girl was disrespectful, she should have been let go. But bashing her name and calling it "American Black Ghetto" is counterproductive. Actually Portia is a French name. And this, Tarique, is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

I liked her. She may not be "politically correct" like Clyde became, but she was a promising character. Clyde was very annoying too when he started out. As for the little actress, she was probably just trying to act like she belonged or possibly she was a method actress and had to be in character at all times on the set. She may have overcompensated as so many of us try to do when we are new. Plus, being a girl, she was held to a higher standard of behavior. Boys are allowed to be this way because they aren't expected be behave well especially if they are playing that sort of character. She was probably let go because her demographic wasn't high enough in focus groups. I sure hope she wasn't blackballed completely because of all you racists and genderists commenting out there. And I know American ghetto, none of the kids on this show are even close to ghetto; not even Rafiq(although I bet he would like to be[not really]).