Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Scooty Scoopster is online!

I am delighted to say that my first ever blog post is one concerning such a favourite show of mine - Doctor Who - or in this case, its best spin off show - the Sarah Jane Adventures. Starring Elisabeth Sladen.
The past week has been frankly amazing - first I get the first set location (Porthkerry near Barry) and only today, by the off chance I had gone to Bannerman Road (Clinton Road, Penarth, S.Wales) and was confronted with the amazing site of seeing SJA in the full swing of filming!!

After getting a fair few 'evil' looks from security, I was told to stop taking photos, but then managed to get a picture and a hug with the fabulous Elisabeth Sladen. She was such a nice person, making sure we had a good photo.Such a lovely women and so tiny! :D

And that concludes my first ever post! Shortly, I will upload a full set report and pictures of the two locations that I have so far Scooty Scooped!

Many thanks to Anthony for bringing me into the fold, enjoy the photos and I will post about all the tid bits of filming I gleaned sometime tommorrow. I believe you can see me below with a delightful actress . . .

But for now, enjoy! :)
Jackharkness says: Scooty is the one you've all got to thank for those glorious set reports folks! Lets hope he catches another few snaps of the team at work soon...!
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