Sunday, May 06, 2007

Forget "Grange Hill"...

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past couple of days, I've been busy with work commitments, and all that. Anyways, I'm back now - did I miss much?!

Apparently Stephen Cole is writing an audio episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". A few months ago, Doctor Who Magazine reported that BBC Audiobooks were commissioning brand spanking new adventures for the entire NuWhoniverse, and it seems likely that this is one of the first for the SJA. No word on who's narrating yet - so stay tuned!

Over on OutpostGallifrey's handy SJA Forum, we're informed about recent filming - thanks to a background extra who worked with the production team inside a school. Warning, the set report contains huge spoilers for Adventure One - you have been warned!
Invisotext time, me thinks...

"The Slitheen are back. The kids in it (can't remember their names) are on their first day in Park Vale Comprehensive, and are acting really weirdly. Some of the teachers are slitheen (headmaster + ?) and they have a scheme involving the canteen food and the mains power supply. Also, Luke is an uber science swot, kesley is out and replaced by a black boy called Clyde."

On top of that, we're informed that Elizabeth sladen will be at the school filming scenes tomorrow (bank holiday monday). More news at it comes in.
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