Thursday, May 31, 2007

Langer Confirmed

The latest issue of the monthly Doctor Who Magazine has now been published, and as expected it confirms a news story that we broke on last month; that 19 year old Daniel Anthony has landed a role on the series, playing teenager Clyde Langerl. Yes sirree, he has a sirname at last! Producer Matthew Bouch comments on Daniel's casting:

"We auditioned far and wide for the final member of Sarah Jane's team, and Daniel just walked it at his audition. He's thrown himself into it, and is already an expert at running away from monsters!" There's no comment on the exit of Porsha Lawrence-Mavour's Kelsey character though...

There's also an update on the writers / directors helming the series. As we confirmed yesterday, Graeme Harper is directing block two of the series - two episodes which form "Adventure Four". Episodes 5 & 6 (the third adventure) are written by Phil Gladwin, and the final fifth adventure is written by Phil Ford. Seems like Russell T Davies was too busy after all to script an adventure. Shame.

Elsewhere, and Gareth Roberts is confirmed as writing an episode of Doctor Who's fourth season come 2008. "It's great to be back," comments Gareth, "Though I've been working on Sarah Jane solidly since the day I finished The Shakespeare Code, so it doesn't feel like I've been away! Russell's assigned me a very fun but very tough story, and I'd better be getting back to it."

Finally, classic series adventure "Robot" is reviewed in the "Off the Shelf" section. Though the story itself gets a lukewarm reception, the special features on the DVD (out next Monday) are described as "sparse" but "excellent". I can't wait!

Doctor Who Magazine issue 383 is out today, priced £3.99.
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