Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yet More Sarah-Jane!

It looks as though we can have the full spectrum of Sarah-Jane goodness this coming season!

Not only does it look very good for The Sarah-Jane Adventures this Autumn, but her very first adventure with the third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), The Time Warrior, is getting a dvd release on 3rd September (surely no coincidence, date wise??)

The extras look set to include:

+ A commentary by Elisabeth Sladen, Barry Letts and Terence Dicks
+ A 30 minute documentary called Beginning the End
+ Trails and Continuity
+ Photo gallery, pdf of the 1974 Doctor Who Annual (I was three!) plus Easter Eggs!

For full info, head over to the Restoration Team's website here

What are you waiting for?! Get those pre orders in now!
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