Sunday, September 16, 2007

There Can Be Only One

Today's Daily Telegraph features a brief interview with Elisabeth Sladen, and it's an entertaining read too. In it the actress reveals how disappointed she would have been if any other 'classic' series companion would have been awarded their own spin-off series ahead of Sarah Jane Smith. There's a brief extract from the interview below, and check out the rest here.

‘I would be p***** off to my socks. I would have said, “Well, they know what they’re doing,” but I would have secretly thought, “Oh, what a mistake they’ve made.”’

Elsewhere and a longer trailer has now started airing for the Sarah Jane Adventures series, and features extracts from all ten epiosdes - so expect to see teachers, nuns, Kudlax, young Sarah Janes and... oh, something that has to remain a surprise until "The Lost Boy" hits our screens in late November. But I'm promised it'll be worth it!

Check out some screen screencaps from the trailer here and here.

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