Saturday, October 27, 2007

Extra Special Bane

Monday sees the DVD release of the very first SJA "Invasion of the Bane" and to mark the occassion the DVD Times publication has reviewed the disk. It's a mostly positive review, but the reviewer is clearly annoyed that the episode has been released individually instead of in a complete series boxset. The article also confirms the DVD extras...

+ Trailers (for "Invasion of the Bane" and the series three Doctor Who boxset)
+ Character Profiles (Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria and Kelsey)
+ Alien Profiles (Mrs. Wormwood, the Bane Mother and the Star Poet)
+ Sarah Jane's Investigative Tools (info on the sonic lipstick, sonic watch and Nissan Figaro car)
+ Sarah Jane's Adventures (a look back at Sarah's 34 year history, with classic series clips)
+ Web Interview (BBC Norfolk's interview with Lis Sladen from 2006)
+ Blue Peter Feature (5m 14s)
+ Behind the scenes photo gallery

For a 60 minute pilot episode, that's a pretty exhaustive list - but where's the commentary?! You can't have a Lis DVD and not include her on a commentary track! Fingers crossed she'll find the time to record tracks for the series proper when that's released next year...

Elsewhere, and Phil Gladwin has written on his blog about the challenges of writing for "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and the influences on his two part adventure "Warrior of Kudlax". Says Gladwin about watching his story unfold on screen: "As ever, watching one’s own script writing made real was a fascinating experience. The cast and crew did a fantastic job, and it’s been a real, rare joy to be asked to contribute to such an imaginative series."

Finally the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is out now, and features a sneak peek of the fourth SJA story, "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?". It also includes a free Family of Blood Halloween mask, so the kiddies can go out and earn a mint whilst wearing it next Wednesday evening! DWA issue 41 is out now priced £2.10.

The next episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" airs this Monday at 5pm on BBC One.
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