Monday, November 19, 2007

Just What Mistress Ordered

As far as viewers watching on the CBBC Channel are concerned "The Sarah Jane Adventures" have now reached their conclusion... for 2007 at least. Straight after "The Lost Boy - Part Two" finished on the channel a presenter (strangely dressed in drag as Queen Victoria) seemed to indicate that the series would be returning for a new series next year.

Hopefully we'll have confirmation soon...

Earlier on this year I was made aware of several "issues" that could prevent a second series from taking place. Hopefully this has now been resolved, and all the cast and crew can move forth and create another series of Sarah Jane frolics!

Anyway... how great was that series finale? I won't discuss specific details for the sake of viewers who haven't yet seen the episode, but it was a very neat way to wrap up series one. And who would have thought that we'd see... well, if you've seen the episode, you'll know what I'm talking about! Everybody else will have to find out what the big mystery is when the second installment of "The Lost Boy" airs next Monday afternoon on BBC One.

Roll on 2008, and the return of Sarah Jane Smith!


Jamie-Torchwood said...

Good Dog. Helping to contain the Xylok. This episode included the immortal line:


Peter Pan said...

Cracking end to a superb series.
Roll on series 2 *crosses everything*

John said...

What "issues"?

Anonymous said...

I hope what jamie-torchwood said won't happen as I don't want to know until I watch it!

CMJ said...

Fantastic end to the first (and hopefully not only!) series. It was so great to see K-9!!

I enjoyed this series so much more than the Torchwood spinoff. I know they're not the same at all and can't really be compared other than being spinoffs, but the Sarah Jane Adventures comes close to my enjoyment of Doctor Who. I find Torchwood a bit morose.

I hope that the CBC can bring the show to Canada.

CMJ said...

Oh, and I thought it was nice there was an explanation as to where Mr.Smith came from!

Maureen Neathway said...

What a fantastic conclusion and, certainly by me, most unexpected. I did, however, guess that Mr Smith was evil - but not how he came about.
I'm keeping everything crossed and really hope there is another series at least - maybe even two or three - sorry that's just wishful thinking - but wishes can sometimes come true - can't they???
Flavia-Jane Smith xx

Nabu San said...

I'm still in awe myself. For some reason I'm shipping Clyde and Luke, they'd make an awesome couple!