Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Sonic Lipstick Awards 2007

Now that "The Sarah Jane Adventures" have completed their first series run (for CBBC viewers, at least) it's time you tell us what you loved, liked or hated about Sarah Jane Smith's return to television - and while we're at it, lets talk history; just what is the definitive Sarah Jane adventure from her 34 year history?

There's only one way to find out... VOTE!

Send an email to the following address; answering each of the following categories. All the results will be added together at the end of December - and we'll announce the winners at the end of the year!

THE CLASSIC ADVENTURES (mark out of 10; 10 = highest, 1 = lowest)

1: "The Time Warrior"
2: "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"
3: "Death to the Daleks"
4: "The Monster of Peladon"
5: "Planet of the Spiders"
6: "Robot"
7: "The Ark in Space"
8: "The Sontaran Experiment"
9: "Genesis of the Daleks"
10: "Revenge of the Cybermen"
11: "Terror of the Zygons"
12: "Planet of Evil"
13: "Pyramids of Mars"
14: "The Android Invasion"
15: "The Brain of Morbius"
16: "The Seeds of Doom"
17: "The Masque of Mandragora"
18: "The Hand of Fear"

SPECIAL EPISODES (mark out of 10; 10 = highest, 1 = lowest)

1: "K9 and Company"
2: "The Five Doctors"
3: "School Reunion"

RATE THE EPISODES (mark out of 10; 10 = highest, 1 = lowest)

1: "Invasion of the Bane"
2: "Revenge of the Slitheen"
3: "Eye of the Gorgon"
4: "Warriors of Kudlak"
5: "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?"
6: "The Lost Boy"


Nominate any of Sarah Jane Smith's television adventures here.


Choose from any of the regular cast (excluding Elisabeth Sladen):
1: Yasmin Paige (Maria Jackson)
2: Thomas Knight (Luke Smith)
3: Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer)
4: Porsha Lawrence Mavour (Kelsey Harper)
5: Joseph Millson (Alan Jackson)
6: Juliet Cowan (Chrissie Jackson)


Choose from any one of the below:
1: Russell T Davies / Gareth Roberts ("Invasion of the Bane")
2: Gareth Roberts ("Revenge of the Slitheen" / "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?")
3: Phil Ford ("Eye of the Gorgon" / "The Lost Boy")
4: Phil Gladwin ("Warriors of Kudlak")


Choose from any of the below:
1: Colin Teague ("Invasion of the Bane")
2: Alice Troughton ("Revenge of the Slitheen" / "Eye of the Gorgon")
3: Charles Martin ("Warriors of Kudlak" / "The Lost Boy")
4: Graeme Harper ("Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?")


With each statement pick your preferred choice:
1: K9 or Mr. Smith
2: Kelsey or Clyde
3: Sarah or Sarah-Jane
4: The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood
5: Sarah-Jane.tv or Torchwood.tv


Should series two:
a: ...Remain on CBBC?
b: ...Be promoted to prime time Saturday night (a la Doctor Who)?
c: ...Not happen at all?

You have until December 15th to submit your replies. The results will be published here in late-December.

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