Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can I Have My Doll Back?

Looking around the internet I stumbled across this page; a news service regarding all sorts of Doctor Who toy merchandise. Amongst the stuff listed on the page (including a "Series 4 Davros" figure, hmm...) is a Sarah Jane Smith doll, based on the "School Reunion" episode of 2006! The SJS figure also comes with a toy K9, too!

Of course, Character Options also have a new line of toys based off "The Sarah Jane Adventures" coming out soon. We'll see a Sarah-Jane/Slitheen battle pack!! Who's betting we'll have a Mr. Smith playset by the end of the year?

There's also Character's new "classic series" line, which will feature toy versions of Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor, Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor, and Colin Baker as Doctor number Six.

More news as, and when (!), it comes in. But considering now is very much a no news season, I wouldn't hold your breath for regular updates!
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