Sunday, June 22, 2008

Enterprising Sarah

Yeah, okay, I'm the first one to hold my hands up and say that this little blog of mine probably hasn't been updated as much as it should have been recently. Now that "The Sarah Jane Adventures" are off the air, news on the series has slowed - but that shouldn't have stopped us from reporting everything else happening in the world of Sarah Jane Smith.

Plenty of new merchandise available, for example...

SARAH JANE SMITH ON... DVD (over the last 12 months)

Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc.)

"Robot" - June 4th 2007
"The Time Warrior" - September 3rd 2007
"Planet of Evil" - October 15th 2007
"The Five Doctors - Special Edition" - March 3rd 2008
"K9 Tales" (inc. "K9 and Company") - June 16th 2008
"The Brian of Morbius" - July 21st 2008
"The Sarah Jane Adventures - Complete First Series" - ETA November 2008
"Doctor Who - Complete Fourth Series" - ETA November 2008

Region 1 (USA, Canada)

"Planet of Evil" - March 4th 2008
"The Time Warrior" - April 1st 2008
"Robot" - August 14th 2008
"The Five Doctors - Special Edition" - August 5th 2008
"K9 and Company" - ETA September 2nd 2008


"Doctor Who" Soundtracks (released in 2008)

"The Monster of Peladon" (with Lis Sladen linking narration & bonus interview)

"Doctor Who" Audiobooks (released over the last 12 months)

"Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion" (read by Martin Jarvis - based upon "Invasion of the Dinosaurs")
"Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius" (read by Tom Baker)
"The Pyramids of Mars" (read by ? - released August 14th)
"Doctor Who and the Time Warrior" (read by Jeremy Bulloch - released in November)

"The Sarah Jane Adventures" Audio Exclusives (November 2007)

"The Glittering Storm" (by Stephen Cole - read by Elisabeth Sladen)
"The Thirteenth Stone" (by Justin Richards - read by Elisabeth Sladen)
"Shatter Point" (by Stephen Cole - released 13th November)
"The Time Capsule" (by Peter Anghelides - released 13th November)


"The Sarah Jane Adventures" Novelisations
1: "Invasion of the Bane"
2: "Revenge of the Slitheen"
3: "Eye of the Gorgon"
4: "Warriors of Kudlax"
5: "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" (3rd November 2008)
6: "The Lost Boy" (3rd November 2008)
7: Untitled Book 7 (3rd November 2008)
8: Untitled Book 8 (3rd November 2008)


"The Sarah Jane Adventures"

Sarah Jane & Star Poet
Sarah Jane & Baby Slitheen
Sarah Jane & General Kudlak
Sarah Jane & The Graske
Electronic Sonic Lipstick
Electronic Alien Communicator


The Sarah Jane Adventures board game (July 30th 2008)
The Sarah Jane Adventures - 100 piece jigsaw
The Sarah Jane Adventures poster

You think I've missed anything off the list? Get in contact by leaving a comment below!
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