Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Last, but not least

This post is a little later than I intended-sorry about that!

First of all, thank you to kevinwparker-he caught a cut I missed from What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane, part 2: When Andrea was describing Sarah Jane to Alan in her attic, she said something like, "She was so smart, not swotty [book-learning] smart, but clever. And so funny." (Thanks Kevin!)

Now, onto the last episode of the first series:
The Lost Boy, part 2

1. The chase scene outside the Pharos Institute!!! After stealing the device, Sarah Jane sneaks back outside-she's just outside the door when the alarms start to go off, and red beams shoot up everywhere. There's a voice that says something about being apprehended, and she says, 'We'll see about that', then whips out her sonic lipstick and knocks out the security system. She starts to run, and the chase is on!! As she's running, a guy in a motorcycle starts chasing after her, but she manages to out run him (like there was ever any doubt). She gets behind a tree and the motorcycle goes flying past. Out comes the sonic lipstick again-she fires, and the guy goes flying. The scene ends with her blowing off her lipstick (like it was a smoking gun) and walks off. This scene was so awesome! I'm sad it had to be cut.

2. Just before Maria and her dad go to Luke's "real" family, Maria is talking to Clyde's Mum-she tells her she hasn't seen him, and that he's probably at a mate's.

3. The scene where Maria and Alan first get to the Stafford's house. They walk up to the house-after they discover no one is home, Alan suggests they come back later, but Maria goes to the back looking for a way to get in. The scene starts on SciFi with Maria and her dad actually breaking in.

4. Back cut from commercials-Maria and Alan returning home. Maria: "We have to warn Sarah Jane..." (stupid commercials!)

5. Nathan and the Slitheen, with Luke in the back, breaking into the Pharos Institute. Nathan gives Luke some mega-sized earphones to wear, then gets in the front of the van with Mrs. Stafford. They drive up to the guard-he tells them he wasn't expecting Nathan on a Saturday. Nathan then makes a very annoying noise with some kind of device (it looks like he's grinding something together), and all the guards pass out on the ground.

6. The scene where Sarah Jane, Maria and Alan stop at the chip shop for vinegar was cut out completely.

7. After Luke breaks free from the device, Nathan unzips himself out of his human suit and starts to run after him-the part that was cut from this chase scene was when Nathan seemingly traps Luke in a room. As Nathan charges after him, Luke leaps up onto the table in the room, then escapes.

8. Luke enters the house and calls for Sarah Jane, he then hears Mr. Smith calling for him to come up to the attic.

9. Ok, I'm a little fuzzy on this next part-I'm not sure when exactly it occurs. I'm pretty sure it happens after Alan grabbed the teleportation necklace from Slitheen Nathan. Nathan wants his revenge, and he's going to go after Sarah. However, the two older Slitheen hold Nathan back-realizing it would be in their best interest to work with the humans. They tell him he'll understand more when he's older.

10. As Alan works furiously to come up with a virus to kill Mr. Smith, he gets a frantic call from Chrissie. Alan tells her it's not a good time. Chrissie is outside Maria and Alan's home, and she's looking for them. The wind is blowing like crazy, and car alarms are going off everywhere. She tells him she's scared, the world's coming to an end, and she wants to be with him and Maria. As she's talking, the line suddenly goes dead.

That's it for the first series. (awwwww.....) I'm really glad people found these useful! :) There were times when I was a bit worried I wouldn't remember enough of the original-but once each episode got rolling, I was ok. :) I do have some more thoughts about the cuts, and a few comments about some things I learned when I was at Marcon over Memorial Day weekend-but I'll save those for another post.

Here's hoping SciFi will pick up series 2 after it airs in the U.K.! Yay, Sarah Jane!! :)
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