Friday, August 01, 2008

Stolen Earth, stolen scene

Wow! I've been meaning to post a reaction post to "Stolen Earth", but I just haven't had the time-I'm sorry!! Since "Journey's End" is on tonight, I'll probably be posting a reaction to both episodes soon.

For now-I've got a missing scene from the U.S. broadcast of "Stolen Earth". Even though it's not a Sarah Jane scene, I figured you guys wouldn't mind knowing what was missing!

As far as I can tell, only one scene was cut: it was the scene right before Sylvia and Wilf meet up with Rose. The Daleks were rounding up the humans, and Wilf and Sylvia were watching from round the corner of a house. One father who was being round up said he wasn't going to go, and told his family to go back inside. Then he threw something at the Dalek and told them to go back where they came from. The Daleks then got into attack formation, screamed "Maximum extermination!" and destroyed the entire house! Sylvia was begging her dad to come in, and he said no, he had 'this!'. "It's a paint gun!" He told her to look at the eye piece-he figured he could blind them with a shot of paint.

Don't forget! Part 2, "Journey's End", airs tonight on SciFi, starting at 8:30pm, EST. Yup-a half hour early! SciFi has an hour and a half block for this episode, so hopefully the cuts will be quite minimal (5 minutes or so, as opposed to 20-25, had there only been an hour).

Only seven and a half hours to go! I can't wait! :)
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