Monday, February 02, 2009

One For the Kids

Nabu's ebay auction of a signed edition Sarah Jane Adventures series one DVD boxset ended yesterday, and managed to raise £132.01 for Tommy Knight's supported charity, Demzela House Children's Hospice. The auction was in celebration of Knight's 16th birthday - so happy birthday Tom, thanks to everybody who put a bid in, and of course congratulations to the winning bidder!


In other news this weekend saw Daniel Anthony guest starring in ITV's (lackluster) fantasy series, Demons. The series, by the same company behind Sky's Hex and BBC One's Merlin, tells the story of the last descendant of the Van Helsing family line. Throw in a mixture of demons, priests and dodgy American accents, and you've pretty much got the series pictured in your head.


Don't forget to pick up the latest issues of the Battles in Time magazine which - during Doctor Who's holiday year - has taken to covering all aspects of the SJA, which includes monsters on the front covers, and free SJA related playing cards!

Battles in Time is a fortnightly publication, that costs around £2.50.
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