Monday, April 06, 2009

Pre-Three Production Work

Nikki Wilson, producer of The Sarah Jane Adventures, confirms in this month's edition of Doctor Who Magazine that pre-production work has already started on the show's third series - with actual filming due to commence at the end of April. "At the time of writing," she reveals, "We've got six weeks to go until filming on Series Three begins. All the scripts are now in, with all the regular characters returning, and a shock or two in store for viewers - and for Sarah Jane!"

She goes on to add, "And I'm delighted to announce that brilliant directors Joss Agnew and Alice Troughton will be returning to the team."

There's also a chance to vote on all 200 Doctor Who television adventures, so that come summer DWM can reveal fandom's absolute loves - and pet hates!

No doubt Sarah Jane Smith's era aboard the TARDIS will rank quite highly - with the likes of "Genesis of the Daleks", "The Ark in Space" and "Pyramids of Mars" propping up the scoreboard.

DWM issue 407 is out now, at £3.99.


Meanwhile also released is the latest series companion by BBC Books - this time focusing on the Doctor's "Companions and Allies". The book goes back 46 years to the very beginning and traces every series companion from Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright all the way through to Lady Christina De Souza (who features in this week's Easter special, "Planet of the Dead").

Naturally a large chunk is centred around Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith.

That's "Companions and Allies" - which has an RRP of £7.99 (although Tescos everywhere are selling it for as cheap as £4).


Finally I've received word that Big Finish productions are trying to put together a "Companion Chronicles" adventure set during Lis Sladen's time on the show - but Sladen being too costly, the team are having to think up a clever way around the problem, and maybe using a secondary character like Benton or Mike Yates to fill the void.

More news when and if it comes in!
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