Sunday, July 26, 2009

He's Back, It's Back... They're All Bloody Back!

SPOILERS, before you go any further. So if you want to avoid them, don't read on...



We good to go?


The latest issue of SFX Magazine hit my doormat on Saturday morning, and inside SJA producer Nikki Smith discusses the third series of the show, and confirms the return of both the Trickster - as well as the Slitheen (well, their cousins, actually, the Blathereen).

"We've got another Trickster story. We've also got the return of the Slitheen for the end of the series, and this time we meet their 'interesting' cousins, the Blathereen." She states.

Also lined up for the new series are another familiar race from recent Doctor Who - "The Judoon are joining us in our series opener, alongside a brand new monster, a reptilian character called Androvax, a Veil. He's under arrest when one of the Judoon's life carriers crashes on Earth, so a Judoon's hunting down his prisoner who's escaped."

Nikki also discusses David Tennant's guest spot, the appearence of Nigel Havers, who the new series features its own "classic ghost story", as well as how the series will cope post-third series with regards to Russell T Davies departing from Doctor Who (all crossovers will be run through new executive producer Piers Wenger).

You can read about this all in the September edition of SFX Magazine, out this Wednesday.
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