Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Very Kudlak

So... this Saturday. The Trafford Centre. Who's going?

(For those not yet informed, the 'See Me on CBBC' tour hits Manchester's Trafford Centre shopping mall this coming Saturday between 10am and 6pm. It allows you to act out a scene from the SJA, along with various other CBBC shows.)

I'll - hopefully! - be meeting up with fellow scribe Nabu San on the day, and after we've messed around the SJA area, pushed a few kids out of the queue, and smuggled some SJA related goodies we're probably heading on over to the site's Laser Quest for a couple of games. Just 'cos Laser Quest is fun and exciting - and most definitely not because we're trying to mimic anything we might have seen in a certain series one Kudlak-focused adventure... ;)

Any other fans going? If you are, hope to see you there! Most of you know Nabu, so if you do happen to bump into him, chances are I won't be too far behind, so say hello!

See y'all Saturday.

UPDATE BY NABU: Thanks to TheNobleOneX over @ Gallifrey Base for finding this, and Sarah for making me aware of it. T'is a CBBC Channel commercial promoting the Manchester event this weekend!

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