Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chases & Scares, Thrills & Danger

Yesterday the news broke that the forthcoming third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures would transmit twice weekly, beginning mid-October and every Thursday and Friday. Well, a quick update on the matter now that I actually have a copy of Doctor Who Magazine issue 413 - where the news broke in the first place. According to Russell T Davies:

"We've been planning this for a very long time now, and the whole of Children's BBC is excited by this transmission pattern. We've really got the whole channel behind us - it feels like the old days, when Doctor Who would transmit twice a week! It means that viewers with digital channels won't be the first to see the second episode of a story now on - everyone can!"

Confirmation there (as if it were ever in doubt) that the SJA return to BBC One, and not as a CBBC Channel exclusive.

Producer Nikki Wilson fills readers in on where exactly the production team are up to with this years episodes, "The series is now rolling out of post-production, and I couldn't be happier with the way things are going. Sam Watts has composed his most incredible scores yet, and the FX from Craig Higgins and his team at Mercury FX are spectacular.

"Look out for an amazing spaceship launch," Wilson continues, "Androvax's terrifying army and the mysteries of The Gift itself. Plus of course, for the first time - though we paved the way with the Comic Relief Special - the whole series has been shot in HD. The quality of the picture, and the grade, is amazing to see, and I'm so proud of everyone who's worked so hard to bring this to your screens."

"There are chases, scares, thrills, danger, some briliant comedy - wait til you see what that Judoon gets up to, let alone the hilarious rivalry between Mr Smith and K9 - with old enemies, new enemies and, of course, the return of a certain Time Lord, the seeds of which are sown from the second story onwards..."

In other news, it's been confirmed that thespians Simon Callow and Miriam Margoyles will be voicing characters in this year's finale, The Gift.

Series Three begins Thursday 15th October, at 4:25pm.

Remember, as ever, that times and dates are subject to change.


Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed that its next special, due on October 1st, is dedicated to all things SJA! The magazine will include "an in-depth look at the series by Andrew Pixley, plus a brand new interview with Sarah Jane herself, Elisabeth Sladen." It'll be priced £5.99.

This latest regular issue is out now, for £3.99. You might be interested to know that it contains the results of the DWM Mighty 200 Poll - which asked readers to vote on each of Doctor Who's 200 television adventures. The highest Sarah Jane Smith entry, in case you were wondering, comes in at number 3. As for which one it is... well, I'm afraid you'll just have to pick DWM up yourself and find out!
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