Friday, March 12, 2010

Luke Meets the Nightmare Man

DigitalSpy have an exclusive interview with newly promoted SJA Executive Producer Nikki Wilson, where she discusses the upcoming fourth and fifth seasons of the show.

Here's an extract, regarding a couple of the new monsters:

"The Nightmare Man is part of a really big emotional journey for Luke which involves him facing his fears and excitement about the future. The Shansheeth are vulture undertakers who get embroiled with the gang on a big adventure for the middle of the series."

I believe the Nightmare Man appears in the first adventure of the fourth series, titled - funnily enough - "The Nightmare Man". From what I hear, it's the first to go before the cameras when filming starts in three weeks time.

On that note, Wilson confirms that this year the show will not only film the entire fourth series, but half of the fifth too. The reason for this? Well, as I explained in a previous post, it's probably to do with the age of the cast - the production team not wanting them to look too old by the time the fifth series goes out in 2011.

It could also to be a budget requirement. Maybe CBBC have enough money for half of the fifth series now, and will have the remainder by this time next year?

Anyhoo... to read the full interview at DigitalSpy click here.

UPDATE!! A seperate source now tells me that "The Nightmare Man" will be Adventure Two (episodes 3&4) of the new series. Watch this space!


Elisabeth Sladen cropped up on BBC Four documentary (check her!) Sidekick Stories earlier this week, talking about the companions role in Doctor Who, and how the role of the sidekick remains ever relevant in popular fiction.

The documentary is available via iPlayer for the next week.
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