Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Bedtime Stories

Originally posted by Nabu San:

Placeholders for this years SJA audiobooks emerged on retail sites a few months ago, but I don't like posting about schtuff without a little visual taster to whet your collective appetites, especially since we don't really have any plot details yet, due to embargoes still being in place.

But despite the lack of information, the Beeb were kind enough to pass along a little something to SJ.tv this afternoon to share with our loyal readers. =D So with many thanks to AudioGO, formerly known as BBC Audiobooks, we can exclusively reveal this years audiobook covers for Deadly Download by Jason Arnopp and Wraith World by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright. xD

Mmm, Spaghetti monster - om nom nom. Worship his noodly appendages =3 Read exclusively by Elisabeth Sladen, the SJA audiobooks, much like the SJA eBook novelisations, go on sale November 4th. Be sure to snap up a copy, if only to find out what on earth is happening on the covers!
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