Friday, September 17, 2010


Originally posted by Nabu San:

SJA fans don't really get much in the way of merchandise these days; with product availability seemingly going down in number with every passing year.

Back in 2008, Character Options bid adieu to its SJA action figure line, with the remainder of their stock being sold on at bargain outlets for a fraction of its value. Now, following in the footsteps of the unreleased SJA Board Game, we can exclusively reveal that Penguin have pulled the plug on this years highly-anticipated SJA novelisations; before they've even gone on sale. :(

Picture credit to The Doctor Who Site

Due to have been released on November 4th, no reason for the product cancellation was given. But we can surmise that a lack of interest from the target audience or even budgeting constraints may have been at fault.

Far from being a bad thing, though, product cancellations usually lead to promotional activities being refocused onto more beneficial areas.

Like releasing new sneak-peak clips of future episodes?:

[Video no longer available]

Or holding advance episode screenings in London!??!!!! xD *DIES*

Yeahhh, m'thinks it's going to be a busy few weeks in the world of SJA.

Keep your browsers tuned to for the latest =3
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