Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Trailers ahoy!

Originally posted by Nabu San:

With a mere week to go till the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures premieres on the CBBC Channel, more and more new trailers for the show have started to make their way into the public eye. The first teaser was showcased on prime-time telly on Saturday, when it was aired between brand-new Strictly Come Dancing and Merlin; two of the BBC's most-watched shows! Now it seems a longer and even more exciting trailer has made its way onto the official SJA website, offering fans an exclusive sneak-peak of the upcoming series!

[Update: Seems the trailer was deemed so spoilery that it was withdrawn from the official website!]

You can check out another series four trailer over at Blogtor Who, and if you're in a spoilery mood - you can even read reviews of the first two stories whilst you're there! xD I haven't read 'em myself, so can't really tell you how indepth the reviews get, but hopefully it'll leave most of the surprises intact!

If, however, you prefer your spoilers in picture-form, then you're in luck! 'Cause the BBC were kind enough to pass SARAH-JANE.tv a few never-before-seen images from the upcoming Nightmare Man story. So here's a nice big SPOILER WARNING! to stray your eyes away if you'd rather remain in blissful ignorance. Not that there are any major spoilers in the following images but y'know...

Yeahhhh, I haven't a clue what's going on either xD Well, mostly...

I guess it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to say the Nightmare Man is showing the gang their fears? In the pictures above, Rani seems to have compromised her journalism dreams to become a television newsreader; a career choice she doesn't seem all too happy with. Whilst Clyde, for all his ambitions and artistic talent, fears that his future won't see him live up to his full potential? Sarah Jane...well...I'll let you draw your own conclusions on her fear!

The Nightmare Man, Part 1 airs next Monday on the CBBC Channel @ 5.15pm, with Part 2 airing the following day at the same place and time! Most of the SJ.tv crew won't be able to see Part 2, however - as KirstyJay, jackharkness and myself will be heading to London to catch an advance cinema screening for Death of the Doctor! Be sure to check out our report on the event soon after!

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