Monday, June 13, 2011

Competition Results

After much debate from Joseph Lidster, author of several Sarah Jane Adventures stories, he has chosen us a fantastic winner! Congratulations to Paul Guest, now the proud owner of the BBC radio episodes box set.

What a great selection and how difficult to choose between them! I love how there are such a variety of styles – cartoon images, beautiful artwork, clever use of photos. I especially love how all the different Sarah Jane eras are represented – from her first appearance in The Time Warrior right through to the last series of The Sarah Jane Adventures – a fantastic tribute to the gorgeous Lis Sladen. It really is difficult to choose between them as they're all so different. After to-ing and fro-ing between a couple, I think I'm going to choose the one of Sarah Jane leaning against the TARDIS in the Attic. I like its simplicity and how, in one picture, it represents both Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It's also a fantastic picture of Lis as Sarah Jane. Tough, ready to protect the Earth and her friends but with just a hint of a smile because she's having a whale of a time. And, in some ways, that sums up Lis – she worked so hard and was so dedicated to the character and the series, but she also had such a great time doing it.”

The rest of the competition entries can be found here, and what a wonderful bunch they are! I'd like to thank everyone who entered for their time and effort on some beautiful creations.
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