Saturday, July 23, 2011

You've Never Had A Hangover Like This...

Anjli Mohindra to appear in a production of The Curse of the Devil's Verse, by Nic Harvey, at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the 3rd to the 13th of August.

Rob is an ordinary bloke, spending his days lifting heavy objects around and talking about cars over a pint, he struggles to see the value of his girlfriend Lucy’s quest to become a writer.

Storming off to the pub after another argument with her, Rob rages loudly and drunkenly against the state of modern male/female relations and those who champion creativity. Unfortunately he’s arrived on poetry night, and a mysterious stranger has more than a few wise words of advice for Rob...

Waking alone in the morning with no memory of the previous night and the mother of all headaches, Rob discovers he can only speak in perfectly-formed rhyming couplets. Humiliated at home and at work, Rob must tackle his sensitivity issues head-on to drive out the ancient curse and become a new-age man.

The production is presented to you by Sheep Soup, a theatre company formed in association with Nottingham’s BAFTA award-winning Television Workshop. Bringing together the most promising young actors and creative talent from the region, the company is led and developed by its diverse and ever-changing field of collaborators.

The Curse of the Devil’s Verse is a lively, silver-tongued new comedy, a surreal drama laced with the perils of everyday life. Poetry, spoken word, disco dancing, psychiatry and whipped cream all come together for Sheep Soup’s Fringe debut.

This revival for the Fringe 2011 stars Anjli Mohindra, more commonly known as Rani from The Sarah Jane Adventures, and members of The Television Workshop.

Tickets can be booked for the 50 minute production, at 4.45, through the Fringe box office on 0131 226 0000 or Online here.

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