Monday, September 12, 2011

Sky's the Limit

So... It's been a while since my last regular post. How's everybody been?

This coming Friday sees the BFI screening of Sky - the first adventure of the SJA's final season. I'll be in attendence - and seeing as though this will likely be one of the last screenings of its type, it'd be great to see as many readers there as possible.

Can anybody think of an appropriate way for us all to celebrate the occasion?

Of course, several recognisable faces are confirmed as going. Yep, for Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra will all be there to support the screening, and answer audience questions afterwards. On top of that co-producer and head writer for the series Phil Ford will be joing them... along with new girl, child star Sinead Michael!

It's still strange to think it's been a full year since we all sat down to watch the BFI screening of Death of the Doctor - with Lis Sladen in the audience along with us. I still remember waiting back afterwards with fellow fans - including the likes of Nabu San and Ian Levine - for a glimpse of her leaving the venue. We weren't to know it'd turn out to be her final public appearence for the show.

Let's do our best to honour her this Friday night, hey?


For those that can't make it the CBBC SJA site is offering fans the chance to quiz the young stars of the series here.


Once series 5 has concluded its run on CBBC, will look back and celebrate the entire history of the show, and Lis' involvement in Doctor Who (old and new) with one final "Readers Awards".

Check back for more details on when and how you can get involved.
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