Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 2016 - Interviews & Signings

Elisabeth Sladen's daughter Sadie is interviewed in the latest issue of Starburst. The independent science-fiction and fantasy magazine previews her novel, Moon Blink. It also discusses her transition from actress to writer, and hints of Sadie's future in script writing. You can pick up a copy now, in Starburst magazine issue 423.

Meanwhile, if you're a reader from Newcastle, UK - good news! There's a signing of the new Fourth Doctor comic book at your Forbidden Planet store, this coming Saturday (26th). Published by Titan Comics, and out this Wednesday, the story of the book goes as follows:

The story takes place in Victorian England, that mysterious era of chamber pots and pocket watches. There is an unknown woman who is in charge of a secret army in an institution for the blind. There are Scryclops roaming the streets, and mysterious, timeless screams rip through the air. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrive on the scene to investigate the Gaze of the Medusa.

It's written by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby (both 2000AD veterans) who will be at Saturday's signing.

Also coming soon - on April 5th, to be precise - is the next chapter of Hachette's Doctor Who: The Complete History to feature any of Sarah Jane Smith's stories. Issue 16/volume 20 focuses on Planet of the Daleks, The Green Death (the final adventure for Death of the Doctor's Jo Grant) and finally, Sarah's debut in The Time Warrior.

The book can be picked up in a fortnight, at £9.99.
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