Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Running Late

There's a delay on the first issue of Titan's Doctor Who Fourth Doctor comic. Originally scheduled to come out March 1st, it looks like it won't be out this week either. Such delays have happened before, with the Ninth Doctor series in 2015.

We don't have a date for issue 1, but here's the complete gallery of covers available for the launch issue. Many thanks to Titan Comics for these.

Cover A, by Alice X Zhang

Cover B, a photo variant (edited by ??)

Cover C, by Brian Williamson

Cover D, by Jay Gunn

Cover E, by Matt Baxter

Cover F, blank cover

Many fans like the blank covers, as it allows them to take it to the series' artist, and have them draw a unique image on their edition.

The blank cover does have underneath it the Alice X Zhang image, also.

Best guess, issue one will hit stores on March 16th.

Meanwhile, Comic Book Resources have an exclusive look at the second issue covers on their site. That issue is slated for release March 30th; but this will likely slip back to some point in April/May.
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