Sunday, November 05, 2006

Children, Are You Watching?

Some important news surrounding the current output of Children's TV over at the BBC. The BBC's own news service explains some changes that are to be implimented in 2007 - changes that will, of course, cover the development of Sarah-Jane Adventures:

The BBC is to revamp its digital channels CBeebies and CBBC, with "fewer but higher quality" programmes. "CBBC is due for refreshing, we were losing four to five-year-olds, especially boys," said CBeebies creative director Michael Carrington.

He said there would be "fewer, bigger and better" programmes and boys had already started returning with shows like Lunar Jim and Underground Ernie.

CBeebies, aimed at pre-schoolers, will now target those up to the age of six.

Extending the reach to six-year-olds means there are another one million viewers to target.
"It's an exciting time for us," said Mr Carrington.

CBBC's creative director Anne Gilchrist said the channel, for six to 12-year-olds, would create more "ambitious programming" such as spy drama MI High, the new-look Jackanory with CGI features, and quest-based drama The Roman Mysteries.

The next major programme launch for CBeebies is In The Night Garden, which Mr Carrington described as "Teletubbies for the Millennium".

Higher programming quality? More money spent on programming? Is this the first indication that Sarah Jane Adventures will, unlike most feared, have a decent sized budget? Such a move would guarentee bums on seats when the series debuts, because if therw's one thing children hate, it's cheap television.

A greater budget would indicate that the BBC want a wider children's audience, especially for "quality drama" like SJA. So, should we mark the series down as a centre point of the BBC's Childen's schedule...?

Fingers crossed...

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