Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Overload

I've been sent the following Christmas Schedule by somebody claiming to work within the BBC - and who has "inside" information on this festive season's television.

What follows is supposedly a up-to-date line-up for Doctor Who programmes over the Christmas Period:

Sunday 24th December: Torchwood - "Combat" (BBC Three @ 10pm)

Monday 25th December: Doctor Who - "The Runaway Bride" (BBC One @ 7pm)

Wednesday 27th December: Torchwood - "Combat" repeat (BBC Two @ 9pm)

Sunday 31st December: Torchwood - "Captain Jack Harkness" (BBC Three @ 10pm)

Monday 1st January: Sarah Jane Adventures - "Sarah Jane Investigates" (BBC One / CBBC @ 5pm)

There's also a repeat of "The Runaway Bride" planned for New Year's Day, at 4pm - immediately before the launch of the all new Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off. On top of this, I'm hearing that the special Doctor Who Confidential (a filmed version of last weekend's concert) is still unplaced in the schedules, but is rumoured to feature on Christmas Eve's schedule - in the afternoon some time.

Don't forget BBC 7's new Paul McGann audio adventures, beginning with "Blood of the Daleks", on 31st January.

Now, from what I hear the schedule still isn't locked. My source claims that it could change within the next few days or so. Just don't blame me if it does! *Not jackharkness' fault*

Take care guys, gals and robotic dogs.

30 odd days until Christmas - better get that shopping completed!

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