Friday, November 24, 2006

She Never Gives Up...

We're promised an optimistic (if slight) interview with Lis Sladen next week as she's interviewed by children's magazine "Doctor Who Adventures" to promote her New Year's Day bound Sarah Jane Adventures series. The press release for the issue can be seen below, along with a cover of the issue in question:

"Get ready for a seriously Ood issue with the next Doctor Who Adventures.

We find out about the funny-faced aliens and look at loads of weird and wonderful facts about the yucky creatures.

Elisabeth Sladen pops in to tell us a bit about The Sarah Jane Adventures. She tells us what she would so do if she met an alien. “I’d probably panic and scream a lot!” she says. “But I wouldn’t give up!”

In the comic strip, the Doctor and Rose arrive in Paris where all is not as it seems.

Our adventure guide takes us back to when Rose first met the Doctor, and we discover how the story was made in Doctor Who Confidential Extra.

For monsters this issue, you can stick a Graske on your face to scare your enemies, J is for Jagaroth in the Monster A to Z and we learn loads of essential data about Dalek Sec.

And that’s not all. You’ll find all the usual posters, prizes and puzzles too. The issue comes with a free gift that will last all year long - an amazing Doctor Who Adventures calendar stuffed with pictures of monsters, the Doctor, Rose and even Martha."

When she says she never gives up, she means it. Look at her spin-off series. It's only taken a further 25 years since "K9 and Company" but she's got it back on the screens again.

What a lady!

Doctor Who Adventures (issue 18) hits news stands next Wednesday 29th November, priced £1.99.

Make those kids happy by buying them a copy, won't you?

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